The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program


ANSEP is one of seven finalists for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government 2018 Innovations in American Government Award!

ANSEP™ is the most successful and cost-effective STEM education program in the nation.

ANSEP has evolved into a longitudinal education model that provides a continuous string of components beginning with students in sixth grade and on through high school, into science and engineering undergraduate degree programs and through graduate school to the Ph.D. 

Students who start in ANSEP in middle school or early in high school can earn the full Alaska Performance Scholarship regardless of where they live. 



  • improves academic outcomes,
  • eliminates the need for university remediation and associated costs for government and families,
  • increases retention,
  • saves students and their families up to two years of college tuition and living expenses,
  • saves the state millions in government funding by reducing time to degree,
  • allows students to earn up to 50 university credits for a baccalaureate degree while in high school


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  • Acceleration Academy

    95% of students advanced 1 level or more in math or science each summer. For a high school student, the benefits of having direct access to a..

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  • Summer Bridge

    250 Participants. 90% continued on to engineering or science B.S. degree programs. Summer Bridge is a fast paced, challenging experience with..

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Press releases

  • 19-Jan-2018

    Dr. Michio Kaku, world-renowned theoretical physicist and co-founder of string field theory, joins ANSEP for 23rd Celebration

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – Today the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program held its 23rd annu..

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  • 17-Jan-2018

    Anchorage School District students build computers, stronger futures alongside 90 educators from across the U.S. at ANSEP Middle School Academy

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program is kicking off its 23rd ..

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