Acceleration Academy


Building a strong foundation for academic achievement

See a short video of the 2014 Acceleration Academy on YouTube!

2014 ANSEP Acceleration Academy

Our goal is for each Acceleration Academy student to:

Summer Academy - Photo of Student
  • Earn $2,000 in scholarship support good for enrollment in STEM programs at UAA, UAF, or UAS
  • Complete two of the following classes: biology, chemistry, physics or trigonometry
  • Or complete 2 of the following classes: Calculus 1, Introduction to Engineering, or Introduction to Biology
  • Develop a peer group
  • Get to know University faculty and staff
  • Take classes not otherwise available
  • Understand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) career opportunities
  • Understand the importance of a supportive community/study group
  • Learn to navigate at the University
  • Become college ready
  • Learn to become independent by managing time and resources
  • Earn college credits
  • Graduate with a B.S. in a STEM discipline

The concept behind the Acceleration Academy developed as a direct result of our Pre-College component. ANSEP places high expectations on our students and we provide them every opportunity to succeed. Students are expected to complete biology, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics before graduating from high school.

Many schools across Alaska do not offer these courses on location, which requires students to take them through a web-based program. ANSEP believes these students should have the opportunity to take these classes and be taught directly by a teacher. The ANSEP Acceleration Academy will provide this missing link.

Eligible students who have completed one or more of the courses offered during Acceleration Academy may select from the Introduction to Engineering or Introduction to Biological Sciences class instead. Students who are ready with their math can take Calculus 1. This means you will be even further ahead when you arrive as a college student!

Watch our Acceleration Academy Video:

How the Acceleration Academy component works

Acceleration Academy recruits students during their sophomore and junior years of high school.  Graduating seniors can be accepted if they:

  • Apply to the Summer Bridge and are not accepted because of job placement limitations.
  • Plan to pursue a STEM degree at the UA the fall after the Academy is completed.
  • Have completed Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Requirements to be "accepted" are:

    1. Minimum 3.00 GPA preferred
    2. Algebra II completed preferred (Trigonometry if you are a senior. See above.)
    3. Biology or natural science completed where available
    4. Placement into UAA's MATH 105 or higher (See below for how college level math course placement works)
    5. SAT, ACT or Math Accuplacer Test Scores

Students will enroll in one math class and one science/engineering class from the following list of options:

  • Biology (high school level)
  • Physics (high school level)
  • Chemistry (high school level)
  • Trigonometry (University level)
  • Calculus 1 (University level)
  • Introduction to Biology (University level)
  • Introduction to Engineering (University level)
  • Introduction to Geology (University level)

Summer Academy - Photo of Student
The students will attend their classes in the mornings, Monday through Friday. The biology and geology classes will each include a lab that will meet for a total of 5 hours per week. Evenings will include designated group study time where students will work in groups on homework and test preparation for each class.

On Friday nights and Saturdays, there are required group activities. Sundays are free time for napping, laundry, and exploring. Sunday evening will include more group study time for class preparation as necessary.

During the Acceleration Academy, "ALL" students are required to live on the UAA campus. All travel, meals, and housing are included in the program. Students who successfully complete the Academy are awarded $2,000 scholarship support good for STEM programs at any UA campus. The pace of the Acceleration Academy is tough, but successful students will be on track for success at the University.

College Math Course Placement

Acceptance into the ANSEP Acceleration Academy is determined by placement into one of the college level math courses available during the Academy. Students who are taking college level math classes for the first time must demonstrate their math level through standardized test scores. Math class placement is determined by the following chart:

 NOTE:  We will NOT be offering MATH 054, 055 or 060 during the Acceleration Academy.

The Math Accuplacer test can be taking at one of the University of Alaska's campus testing centers, or remotely through the University of Alaska Anchorage's (UAA) Testing Center. Go to the UAA Advising and Testing Centerwebsite for more info on how to take the Accuplacer test. (REMINDER: We only need your "Math" Accuplacer test results.)


Application Process

To apply online, click the "APPLY NOW" button at the bottom of this page.

An updated 2015 application will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience!

For a complete application we will need the following items:
  • Completed application form (above).
  • Copy of your most current high school transcripts.
  • Two (2) recommendation letters from current Math and Science teachers demonstrating your academic capabilities.
  • 500 words or less explaining "How do you plan to contribute to the future of Alaska?".
  • SAT, ACT or Math Accuplacer test scores (See above for info on how to take the Math Accuplacer test).

You can upload these items to your online application or send by mail, email or fax, along with a printout of your online application, to:

ANSEP Acceleration Academy
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive, ANSEP 200 D1
Anchorage, AK 99508

fax: (907) 786-1899

For more info contact:
Mike Ulroan
phone: (907) 786-1148