Computer Assembly


Student builds computer

Creating excitement and empowerment around careers in engineering and science.

The Computer Assembly component is the spark that illuminates a vision of a career in engineering or science for our high school students.  Each participating student assembles a top-end computer and earns the right to keep it by successfully completing trigonometry, physics and chemistry by high school graduation. Computer Assembly students are academically ready for university-level engineering and science coursework when they arrive at the university, and they are now arriving in unprecedented numbers.

We have assembled over 1,000 computers with ANSEP High School students so far and of those that have graduated more than 60% have completed all three classes successfully. Compare that to what NACME calls the “4 percent problem,” which is that only 4 percent of underrepresented minorities nationwide who graduate high school are “engineering eligible.”


School Year Computer Builds

This school year ANSEP will be hosting weekend computer build sessions in various communities across Alaska. Students will build computers and participate in engaging discussions regarding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

The following builds have been scheduled for the 2014-15 School Year:

Mt. Edgecumbe, December 6-7, 2014

Bethel, December 12-13, 2014 and May 6-7, 2015

Anchorage, TBD

To host a build in your community, contact us for more information. Interested students can apply below and will be contacted when a build is scheduled in their area.

Summer Computer Build

This summer ANSEP will be hosting a computer build session at the ANSEP building in Anchorage on the UAA campus. The program dates are To Be Determined. All students will stay on campus at UAA housing. All travel, meals and housing are included in the program free of charge. Students will build computers and participate in engaging activities regarding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.‚Äč

Watch our Computer Assembly Video:


Application Process

For a complete application we will need the following documents submitted as one packet:

  • Completed Application

    Computer Assembly Application Computer Assembly Application

  • Official copies of your current high school transcripts
  • Two (2) recommendation letters or forms from teachers/counselors,

    Pre-College Recommendation Form Pre-College Recommendation Form

  • 500 words or less explaining why you should be selected as an ANSEP Computer Assembly Student
  • If applicable, provide proof of Alaska Native Heritage/BIA or Village Card

NOTE:  If you apply online, you can electronically attach all the required documents to your online application. Click the "APPLY NOW" link at the bottom of this page to submit an online application.


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