Billions of dollars have been expended nationally to broaden participation in engineering with limited results.

The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) is comprehensive and longitudinal, spanning levels from 6th grade through the PhD. There are currently 2,000 students involved. A quantitative and qualitative evaluation of ANSEP was completed in 2015 by the Urban Institute. They found that the ANSEP model offers important lessons for other STEM education programs for underrepresented minorities, especially in its engagement of students from middle school through graduate school.

Many of the conditions and student outcomes in Alaska are like those found in communities with high minority populations across the nation including inner cities, the Mississippi Delta, rural America, Appalachia, and Indian reservations. Except, Alaska is worse.

ANSEP has catalyzed a change in this paradigm and established components that extend from 6th grade to graduate school. ANSEP is aimed at effecting systemic change to improve the recruitment, progression, and advancement of Alaska Natives in the private, state, federal, and academic engineering workforce. ANSEP has leveraged NSF support by a factor of 10 to sustain and institutionalize the various programmatic components. The program has partnerships with 100+ industrial firms, philanthropic organizations, federal and state agencies, schools, colleges, and universities who provide cash, advocacy, research opportunities, and internships.

Airfare, housing and meals will be provided.

Conference Agenda

The agenda is posted on the Guidebook App website. You can access the App on your desktop and also have it on your mobile device while on-site at the conference. The Guidebook App will enable you to view the four-day schedule (subject to change), read about our speakers and panelists, and interact with other attendees. On your mobile device, type “Guidebook” in the search bar of your “Apps” menu and begin downloading it. Once you are in the App, you can search for “Broadening Participation in Engineering Dissemination Conference”. Or you can view the Guidebook on your desktop computer by clicking on this link:

SEE UAA CAMPUS MAP (click on map to see PDF version):


Conference Goals


  1. For every participant to understand issues related to replication of ANSEP in their locale.
  2. For participating institutions to move from planning to development of similar models.

You will learn the conditions that must be in place to build a program like ANSEP including

  • overcoming political and financial hurdles, 
  • building public will 
  • space needs, 
  • curricula, 
  • developing training and informational videos, 
  • lesson plans, 
  • enrichment activities, 
  • qualitative evaluation methods, 
  • quantitative metrics to gauge success, 
  • engaging funders 
  • engaging practicing research professionals in federal and state agencies, 
  • engaging university researchers, 
  • engaging practicing professionals in private industry 
  • engaging K12 and university administrations, 
  • engaging state government, 
  • effective institutionalization strategies, and more.



The Dissemination Conference requires teams of 10 participants listed below. Your team coordinator will be in charge of filling out this form (please specify if the team coordinator is also one of the 10 required participants). Please submit the name, phone number and email address for each participant. 

Substitutions will be considered. For example, we will consider an assistant principal in lieu of a principal. Please explain why you feel any substitutions are justified in the application form (log in below).

School and district must have a high percentage of minority students. Both must be from the same district.

Teams must arrive in Anchorage so that we can begin at 4:30pm Wednesday January 17th. The conference will end on Saturday January 20th at 3pm.

The deadline to apply is November 14th, 2017. Successful applicants will be notified on November 17.

 If your team is accepted, each team member will receive an email with details and instructions to submit the necessary information that the ANSEP Conference Coordinator will need to make your travel reservations. 

List of Team Mandatory Participants

  1. STEM faculty member
  2. One of either Chancellor, President, Provost, or Dean
  3. Institutional development officer
  4. STEM outreach coordinator
  5. Middle school principal
  6. School district superintendent
  7. Donor organization representative
  8. University STEM students (3)

To Apply, please log in




Contact Us

For inquiries, please contact

Herb Schroeder, PhD 
Vice Provost for ANSEP and Founder