Graduate Success


Graduate Students

Extending community into graduate school and the professoriate

With the support of the Sloan Foundation, the University of Alaska Anchorage, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks we started the ANSEP Graduate Success component in Fall 2008. Now ANSEP students can earn fellowships and tuition support for STEM Master's and PhD degrees through ANSEP. Please contact Dr. Herb Schroeder at for more information.

Our goal for each ANSEP Graduate Success component students is to:

    • Develop a network of peer mentors and colleagues
    • Develop a network of faculty mentors
    • Be comfortable making professional presentations at National and International conferences
    • Be skilled at developing research proposals
    • Be skilled at conducting independent research
    • Be skilled at developing technical papers
    • Mentor undergraduate students
    • Organize study groups for graduate and undergraduates
    • Earn a Masters or PhD in a STEM discipline