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The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program

ANSEP™ has evolved into a longitudinal education model that provides a continuous string of components beginning with students in sixth grade and on through high school, into science and engineering undergraduate degree programs and through graduate school to the PhD. By successfully completing the ANSEP components every student in Alaska can earn the Alaska Performance Scholarship regardless of where they live. We are providing inspiration, guidance, and opportunity for students from 95 communities. The focus at each level is to provide excitement and empowerment around these careers. We have arrived at this model after 18 years of effort and with the awareness that a fragmented approach that focuses on one academic level is not adequate to deal with the scope of the problem and ultimately falls short. Each component is based on the fundamental Native principle of working together in a community.

Our objective is to effect a systemic change in the hiring patterns of Indigenous Americans in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by increasing the number of individuals on a career path to leadership in STEM fields.

ANSEP students at every level are successful at rates far exceeding national and state numbers.
- ANSEP Middle School students complete algebra 1 before graduating from eighth grade at a rate of 83%. The national average is 26%. 
- 95% of ANSEP high school Acceleration Academy students advance one full level in math or science each summer. 
- More than 70% of all ANSEP students who begin BS STEM degrees graduate.

We are now 1,200 middle school, high school, university students and alumni.