The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program


ANSEP students can go from eighth grade to a Bachelor's degree in five years or less with Acceleration Academy!

This saves the state $37,000 for each student. So, at scale, 100 students saves the state $3.7 million and 1,000 saves the state $37 million. Families save at least $75,000 for each student in college costs. Also, the state's chronic remediation problem is eliminated and the social cost of failure is reduced.  ANSEP is working to make ANSEP education opportunities available for every student in Alaska.

Please go to: and register so we can call on you to add your voice to the thousands of students, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles, and strategic partners who are standing up and advocating for expanding ANSEP opportunities to every student in the state. 

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  • Acceleration Academy

    95% of students advanced 1 level or more in math or science each summer. For a high school student, the benefits of having direct access to a..

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  • Summer Bridge

    250 Participants. 90% continued on to engineering or science B.S. degree programs. Summer Bridge is a fast paced, challenging experience with..

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Press releases

  • 29-Apr-2019

    Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program honors high school and college graduates

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program celebrated and recognize..

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  • 10-Apr-2019

    Thirty-seven students from North Slope Borough and Hoonah City school districts take the first step towards a STEM career at ANSEP Middle School Academy

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program is introducing 37 students..

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