ANSEP Building

Completed in 2006 on the campus of UAA, the ANSEP Building provides 14,000 square feet of space that is forever reserved for the students as a hub for learning, safety, and a community of belonging. It embodies the spirit of a people and is a landmark in our state.

Students, industrial partners, and University faculty and staff gather daily to learn from each other. In the ANSEP Building our students meet to study and form the relationships that will bring them success.  The impact will endure for generations.

We are forever grateful to the following organizations and individuals that made our building possible:

  • Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
  • Anonymous
  • ASRC Energy Services
  • BP
  • CIRI
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Denali Commission
  • John Rubini and Suzanne LaPierre
  • JL Properties
  • Leonard and Tannie Hyde
  • Rasmuson Foundation
  • University of Alaska
  • US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
  • US Department of Education

ANSEP Academy Building

In 2014 ANSEP moved into and remodeled the ANSEP Academy Building on the campus of UAA. The ANSEP Academy Building supports ANSEP’s growing Middle School Academy component. At 3,500 square feet, the newly refurbished ANSEP Academy space will hold all future Middle School Academies, STEM Career Exploration Academies and other ANSEP pre-college and university events. 

ANSEP Academy Building