STEM Connect

Fun, at-home, inspirational and meaningful science activities!

Opportunity Details

STEM Connect & Virtual Computer Build

New and past ANSEP students in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade are eligible for STEM Connect. This academic and distance opportunity is organized to provide students from all over Alaska with fun, at-home, inspirational, and meaningful activities that will keep them engaged with our program during these unprecedented times. It also allows students to connect, which is more important now than ever before.

This opportunity does NOT replace our regular in-person academies. We hope to resume normal operations and host in-person academies as soon as it’s safe for students.Visit our component website for more details,

How to Register


New and past ANSEP students are invited to explore STEM topics and careers. Students will connect with students from across Alaska and learn about what is happening in a variety of careers and fields through STEM Connect. 

To participate, parent(s)/guardian(s) need to complete our registration form with their student and provide their most recent unofficial transcripts to ANSEP.


Register online at

Register by January 10, 2021, to receive all necessary information on time, though students can register at any time.

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