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IPaC Development of Conservation Measures and Effects Pathways (Frankfort)

Project Type: This is a telework only project, Fellow will not report in-person to a duty station

Location: Legacy Region 4, Southeast Region, Kentucky Ecological Services Field Office, Frankfort, KY

Housing: Supported, Funding available for summer living accommodations

Project Background:   The US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Information, Planning, and Conservation decision support system (IPaC) can provide project design recommendations, collect environmental baseline information, and provide for the completion of much of the threatened and endangered Section 7 consultation process via the Internet. Development and utilization of the IPaC system is a top priority for the USFWS Southeast Region Ecological Services Program. 

Project Duties: The Fellow will: 1) conduct literature reviews, 2) compile conservation measures (actions that benefit or promote the recovery of listed species) for three Endangered Species Act listed species, 3) conduct an organizational review of the information, 4) enter the conservation measures into the Effects Pathway Manager, and 5) modify/update a manual for future use by other USFWS staff. The Fellow will work directly with the Kentucky Ecological Services Field Office as well as Regional Office and the Division of Environmental Review. As part of the final presentation, the Fellow will recommend improvements to the IPaC system.

Minimum Education Requirements and Desired Degree Areas: Undergraduate rising seniors and seniors who are pursuing a degree in biological sciences or other closely related field.

Working Conditions/Requirements: This is a remote DFP project that requires a general knowledge of wildlife ecology, the ability to conduct a literature search, and familiarity with the development/use of spreadsheets.

Desired Characteristics: A strong candidate for this position will have strong skills in interpersonal communication, partnership building, project management, leadership, teamwork, and technical writing.