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Dwarf wedgemussel occupancy and eDNA in the Northeast, geospatial data/database management (Concord)

Project Type: This is a telework only project. The Fellow will not report to a duty station.

Location:  Legacy Region 5, North Atlantic-Appalachian Region, New England Field Office, Concord, NH

Housing:  Supported, up to $1500/month stipend available

Project Background:  The New England Field Office (NEFO) is in Concord, NH.  We primarily work in 5 New England States and coordinate with state wildlife agencies, environmental groups, and other Service field offices.  This project supports three US Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) priorities:  Recovering listed species, Supporting our Workforce, and Strategic Conservation.  The project will implement a recommended action in the species’ 2019 5-year review, provide the best available information on distribution of the species and eDNA data, and inform landscape-scale management and conservation. 

Project Duties: The Fellow will update and expand a geospatial database on the distribution and abundance of the dwarf wedgemussel (DWM) in the Northeast, synthesize environmental DNA (eDNA) survey data, and create an eDNA geospatial database.

  • Task 1:  Identify, collect, organize field survey reports.  Deliverables:  Develop and populate a folder for reports.  Report out to affected field offices.
  • Task 2:  Identify relevant parameters for the database; populate database.  Deliverable:  Database of survey data.  
  • Task 3:  Convert survey database to geospatial format; create a map for presentation.  Deliverable:  Virtual presentation; folder for GIS files.
  • Task 4:  Identify, collect, organize eDNA reports.  Deliverables:  SharePoint folder for reports 
  • Task 5:  Identify relevant database parameters; populate database.  Deliverable:  Database of eDNA data.  
  • Task 6:  Convert eDNA database to geospatial format; create map for presentation.  Deliverable:  Present geodatabase; GIS folder on SharePoint.

The Fellow will (1) attend training on IT security, ethics, scientific integrity, etc. critical to the credibility of a federal biologist; (2) partner with Service biologists and other stakeholders; and (3) can attend meetings, site visits, and/or job shadows to explore other Service programs.  Many opportunities are available remotely, but some depend on remote access.  The Region typically hosts several Fellows each year.  The NEFO Fellow should network with other Fellows for support and shared experience. 

Minimum Education Level and Desired Degree Areas: Undergraduate rising seniors and seniors who are pursuing a degree in biological/environmental sciences, geographic information sciences, or other closely related field. 

Working Conditions/Requirements: Primary working conditions will be office-like.  Computer use and high-speed internet connection required.

Desired Characteristics: Interpersonal communication, Partnership building, Teamwork, Technical writing.