More than 100 Anchorage School District students get hands-on STEM experience at ANSEP Middle School Academies this summer

09-Jul-2015 ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – This summer, the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) hosted two, 12-day Middle School Academies on the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) campus, benefiting more than 100 Anchorage School District students. Throughout the two-week, all-expenses-paid components, students participated in team-based learning activities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career fields.

Middle School Academies are residential STEM experiences designed to immerse students in applied learning opportunities in these career areas. Throughout the program, students live like a college student at UAA while participating in activities that range from computer and bridge builds to earthquake engineering sessions led by industry professionals.

“We’re excited to see these opportunities where students can find their passion,” said Anchorage School District Superintendent Ed Graff. “STEM skills are among the most current and needed areas of emphasis in education. The skills these students are developing at the ANSEP Middle School Academy will provide a lasting benefit not only to them but also to our state’s workforce.”

The Anchorage School District Middle School Academy is one of the largest and youngest groups hosted this year. With more than 100 participants equally representing each middle school grade level, the students are from more than 40 schools in the Anchorage area, including:

Abbott Loop Elementary School

• Carson Driskill
• Makary Kashatok

Airport Heights Elementary School

• Chiara Chase
• Josiah Peterson
• Landon Gumlickpuk

Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

• Davien Silook-Martin
• Haley Kaleak
• Imogene Davis
• Naadeneech “Heather” James
• Patrick Noble
• Starlyn Phillips
• Taliyah Atcherian-McCall

Baxter Elementary School

• Daveon Parton
• Vivian Garcia

Bear Valley Elementary School

• Trevor Moose

Begich Middle School

• Alandra Jones

Bowman Elementary

• Sylas Gearhart

Bowman Open Optional Program

• Danika Herndon

Campbell Elementary School

• Ayiana Browning

Central Middle School 

• Mark Schuerch
• Poppy Prieto

Chinook Elementary School

• Karen Big Shield
• Leif Midvag
• Salu Fosi

Chugach Optional School

• Peter Shutt

Clark Middle School

• Christine Noratak
• Crystyna Chuitt

Eagle River Elementary

• Natalya Taranto
• Natasha Taranto
• Tawnee Hicks

Fairview Elementary School

• Chantell Adams

Fire Lake Elementary School

• Kami Harrison

Girdwood K-8

• Karis Short

Gladys Wood Elementary School

• Audrey Williams
• Austin Woods
• Colin Adams
• Emory Ranes

Goldenview Middle School

• Cameron Stewman
• Jake Kinneeveauk
• Keaton Ross
• Kyah Mingo
• Louis Hanna
• Maddy Honea
• Max Hanson
• Robert Watson

Government Hill Elementary School

• Maya Vinson

Gruening Middle School

• Amaya Reid
• Tyanna Melak

Hanshew Middle School

• Arthur Ellanna
• Chloe Greene
• Kaitlyn Knox
• Knoll Johnathan
• Kyle Andrew
• Lisa Morgan
• Paisley Protzman

Huffman Elementary School

• Ethan Mostoller

Inlet View Elementary

• Dartagnan Baugh-Daly

Kincaid Elementary School

• Austin Bergerson
• Carmen Marrs
• Clayton Gellerman
• Malcolm Bosse
• Thomas Scully

Klatt Elementary School

• Camille Muller
• Dylan Moore
• Nicolas Holland

Lake Otis Elementary School

• Jesslyn Sene
• Taharei Baumgartner
• Trey Dock

Mears Middle School

• Aleric Kompkoff-Anderson
• Dastzeni Tibbits
• Garrin McCarty
• Kiernan Tobuk
• Lillian Scully

North Star Elementary School

• Lauren “Olivia” Reger
• Eric Suggs, Jr. 

Polaris K-12

• Elijah Bowdon

Rabbit Creek Elementary School

• Lauren “Ellie” Dietrich
• Renon Racy-Shields
• Sam Mingo

Rogers Park Elementary 

• Amber Hensch
• Caelin Williams

Romig Middle School

• Carrera Kelly
• Davida Kitsick
• Marina Burpee

Russian Jack Elementary School

• MacKenzie Tracey
• Naomi Brown
• Sydney Leonard

Sand Lake Elementary School

• Ava Neck
• Emmalee James
• Kenneth Octuk

Scenic Park Elementary School 

• Dylan Westlake

Springhill Elementary School 

• Dylan Pedersen
• Sydney Petstrikoff

Trailside Elementary School 

• Nathan Fossler

Tudor Elementary School

• Amirah Wright 
• Caralynn Wick
• Megan Kibbee
• Thomas Oates

Turnagain Elementary

• Alyssa Madsen
• Dionisy Boudukofsky
• Lucas Galovin

Wendler Middle School

• Conner Fredeen
• Seth Johnson

Willow Crest Elementary 

• Grace Pickett

Winterberry Charter School

• Ethan Pickett 

Wonder Park Elementary School

• Carl Odman

“ANSEP believes that academic success is a direct result of exposing students to math and science at a young age and continuing to engage with them throughout their academic careers, which is why we’re thrilled to have such a young group of bright students at this summer’s Middle School Academies,” said ANSEP Founder and Vice Provost Dr. Herb Ilisaurri Schroeder. “Our goal is to put students on track for STEM degrees and ahead of the curve as early as possible so that they are socially and academically prepared for college upon arrival.”

ANSEP’s longitudinal model begins at the middle school level and continues through high school and into college undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs. The Middle School Academy provides active learning opportunities designed to foster enthusiasm for pursuing STEM careers. More than 77 percent of Middle School Academy participants successfully complete algebra 1 before high school. Nationally, that number is only 26 percent.

To learn more about ANSEP and its components, visit www.ansep.net.