ANSEP hosts 60 students at Acceleration Academy for advanced STEM learning experiences

01-Jun-2015 ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – Last week, 60 high school students from across Alaska arrived at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) campus to participate in the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) Acceleration Academy. During the five-week summer session, these high schoolers will earn credit toward a college degree while living on the UAA campus and learning about career opportunities that exist in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Students from 16 Alaska communities were accepted into the all-expenses paid academy due to their ongoing commitment to academic success, including:

  • Adonna Jo Sarah Adams
  • Augustine Hamner
  • Bryan Mikail Jacob
  • Caitlynn Hanna
  • Cameron Westlake
  • Delana Wesen
  • Elizabeth Ramirez
  • Emily Tunuchuk
  • Eugene Peltola III
  • Jaida Neck
  • Janessa Joseph
  • Jules Dan
  • Konaa Tallman
  • Luke Meiwes
  • Lydia Foster
  • Malik Allen
  • Naasha Tallman
  • Parker Pickett
  • Samuel Gebert
  • Shela Sipary
  • Sunshine Meraz
  • Thomas Grant
  • Vasco Vea Jr.
  • Victoria Ramirez
  • Wesley Yeager
  • Zachary Montoya
  • Alicia Evan 
  • Ashley E. Mute
  • Caitlyn Twito
  • Justis P. Geerdts
  • Kyle Wesley Jones
  • Madison Abolafia
  • Ray Daniel
  • Temyka Ayuluk
  • Elijah Faso-Formoso
  • Fiona Owletuck
  • Sue J. Lee
Eagle River
  • Aaron Koppenberg
  • Isiah Bauzon
  • Jules D.I. Mermelstein
  • Morgan Patrick John
  • Lisa Krol
  • Calvin Egoak
  • Jordan Kashatok
  • Aidan Osborne
  • Tehya Tucker
  • Tonia Osborne
  • Robin Hoyt
  • Darren Caldentey
  • Henrique H. O. Miller
Toksook Bay
  • Clinton Bosco
  • Anna N. Pavila
  • Antonio "Cristian" Alvarez
  • Daniel S.J. Settle
  • Jonah Settle
  • Keith Perry
  • Martin Jones
  • Shale Lytle
  • Taia Fagerstrom
  • Taylor M. Landlord

Throughout the academy, students will earn college credit at morning classes taught by university faculty and gain hands-on STEM experience during afternoon activities led by industry professionals. Team-based learning activities range from building biomaterials and unmanned aerial vehicles to outbreak response and carbon fiber training sessions.

“The goal of Acceleration Academy is to develop students academically and socially for college while fostering their interest in STEM career fields,” said ANSEP Founder and Vice Provost Dr. Herb Ilisaurri Schroeder. “ANSEP is proud to say that our success is proven every day by our students. Many Acceleration Academy students surpass their peers and enter college having already completed much of the math and science credits needed for their degree. Some are even ready for calculus 3 and differential equations as college freshmen.”

Acceleration Academy students advance one level or more in math or science each summer at a rate of 95 percent. Students benefit from a college residential experience, peer socialization and college scholarships to reward completion. Additionally, students become familiar with the UAA campus and build lasting relationships with youth who share similar interests and goals.

ANSEP’s longitudinal model begins at the middle school level and continues through high school and into college undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs. ANSEP students at every level are successful at rates far exceeding national numbers. To learn more about ANSEP and its components, visit www.ansep.net.