ANSEP hosts nearly 100 Anchorage School District students at Middle School Academy for hands-on STEM experiences this summer

23-Jun-2016 ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – This summer, the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) hosted two, 12-day Middle School Academies on the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) campus. Nearly 100 Anchorage School District students participated in the two-week, all-expenses-paid components, which featured team-based learning activities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career fields.

Middle School Academies are residential STEM experiences designed to immerse students in applied learning opportunities in these career areas. Throughout the program, students live like college students at UAA while participating in activities that range from computer and bridge builds to earthquake engineering sessions led by industry professionals.

Students’ applications were evaluated based on their academic records and essay responses, providing them a chance to get experience submitting a college-like application as early as fifth grade. With nearly 100 participants from grades fifth through seventh, the students are from 36 schools in the Anchorage area, including:
  • Airport Heights Elementary School: Bobby Eluska, Joyce Greer, Carey Matthias and Jesse Tutiakoff
  • Anchorage Christian School: Talia-Kalei Alaivanu, Jaden Atcherian-McCall, Antoinette Brown, Daniel Calvin, Tyler Camacho, Saravi Facine, William Olson and Lilian Ray
  • Baxter Elementary School: Melody Olanna
  • Bayshore Elementary School: Ashton Briley, Claudia Garcia and Alexandra Thompson
  • Bear Valley Elementary: Jackson Kompkoff
  • Begich Middle School: Zebastion Barr and Courtney Hoelscher
  • Campbell Elementary School: Tiana Demientieff
  • Chinook Elementary School: Philip Midvag
  • Chugiak Elementary School: Bronson Bohn and Brock Miller
  • Clark Middle School: Malia Batchelder, Raquel George, Dakota Jensen, Kaitlyn Odman, Tatiana Vea and Marvin Williams
  • Fire Lake Elementary School: Taylor Angel, Lyanah Robinson and Tatiana Stepetin
  • Gladys Wood Elementary School: Landon Lewis, Rebekah Veldstra and Ammon Whalin
  • Goldenview Middle School: Blair Moore and Madison Thomspon
  • Government Hill Elementary School: Kristal Hanson and Seth Strange
  • Hanshew Middle School: Keegan Baldwin-Wortman, Linea Edwardsen, Ryan Hadfield and Anne Miller
  • Huffman Elementary School: Caleb Asselin and Grace Asselin
  • Kasuun Elementary School: Eden Hopson and River Middendorf
  • Kincaid Elementary School: Audrey Leonetti and Emily Taylor
  • Klatt Elementary School: Aeryn Werning
  • Lake Otis Elementary School: Leilani Courtright and Troy Walker
  • Mears Middle School: Luigi Coleman, Sonya Garcia and Adda Williams 
  • Muldoon Elementary School: Macayla Downey, Faith Rice and Taylor Weiss
  • North Star Elementary School: Ciara Bismark and Jayden Douglas
  • Northern Lights ABC School: Kacey Berntsen-Chu, Jessica Martinez, Jackson Perry and Deya Tallman
  • Ocean View Elementary: Marissa Crabtree, Neil Kniefel and Jenessa Ross
  • Rabbit Creek Elementary: Lena Baker and Samuel Eliason
  • Rodgers Park Elementary: Robert Brune and Taylor Prokopowich
  • Romig Middle School: Mariah Angasan, Isabell Ellison, Reggie Joule, Lilani Moonin and Alaina Suesue 
  • Russian Jack Elementary School: Winter Anaruk
  • Sand Lake Elementary: Karis Evans, Enoch Schnyder, Deven Valentine and Rene Willoya
  • Scenic Park: Holten Reid 
  • Spring Hill Elementary: Madison Bebey, Elizabeth Pederson and Kanan Williams
  • Susitna Optional: Robert Morgan
  • Tudor Elementary: Earl Grant, Jordan Kehl, Tiege O'Brien and Na'liah Wright 
  • Williwaw Elementary: Justice Bolter
  • Willowcrest Elementary School: Puataunofo Ropati
“ANSEP has proven that academic success is a direct result of exposing students to math and science at a young age and continuing to engage with them throughout their academic careers, and we’re proud to see this bright young group of students entering the ANSEP pipeline through our Middle School Academy this summer,” said ANSEP Founder and Vice Provost Dr. Herb Ilisaurri Schroeder.

The ANSEP model begins at the middle school level and continues through high school and into college undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs. A key component of the program, the Middle School Academy inspires young students to become involved in science and engineering early in their educational careers and keeps them on track to compete algebra 1 before high school. More than 77 percent of Middle School Academy students complete algebra 1 before entering high school. Nationally, that number is 26 percent. To learn more about ANSEP and its components, visit www.ANSEP.net.

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