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Grazing Infrastructure Inventory and Needs in Western SD Complex (Columbia)

Project Type: This field project will be cancelled if telework or remote work is required by USFWS or DOI leadership.

Location: Legacy Region 6, Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Columbia, SD 

Housing: Supported (Housing available at duty station, rent free)

Project Background: We are looking for an individual with range and grazing management experience to assist with grazing projects in the Western South Dakota Complex, which consists of Sand Lake, Huron, and Lake Andes Wetland Management Districts (WMD). The individual’s home base will be Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge/WMD, but they may also work in the other districts. Many units within the complex are high priority units for waterfowl and other grassland nesting birds. Over the years, workloads have increased and the use of fire to achieve objectives has decreased, so it is imperative to use a grazing program to its fullest extent. This position provides a unique opportunity to work across multiple stations in South Dakota. Opportunities to work at and attend training at other South Dakota and North Dakota stations exists and will be taken advantage of when possible. There currently are not any range specific positions within the Prairie Pothole Region and this position has the chance to make a significant positive impact on grazing programs and habitat management within the region.

Project Duties: The Fellow will: 1) conduct an inventory of grazing infrastructure on high priority units within the complex, 2) develop a list of missing or needed infrastructure for these units, 3) conduct baseline habitat monitoring on a sample of these units, and 4) provide complex staff with a document of different grazing systems and how and when to apply them. All this information is critical to ensure staff are making the best management decision about the grazing program within the Complex. 

Minimum Education Level and Desired Degree Areas: Undergraduate rising seniors and seniors who are pursuing a degree in range sciences or other closely related field.

Working Conditions/Requirements: Valid driver’s license and an ability to drive federal vehicles, ability to conduct field work involving hiking and carrying equipment, basic understanding of GIS and GPS.

Desired Characteristics: Interpersonal communication, Partnership building, Project Management experience, Leadership role (school, extracurricular, etc.), Teamwork, Management/Facilitation, Technical Writing