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The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program can take students from eighth grade to a bachelor’s degree in just six years. For every student, this saves the state $25,000. At scale, 100 students save the state $2.5 million, and 1,000 can save the State of Alaska $25 million. The benefit for individual students and their families is astronomical, with families saving at least $50,000 for each student in college costs.

This isn’t just about the dollars and cents, though, because ANSEP also reduces the social cost of failure by eliminating the state’s chronic remediation problem. ANSEP has been delivering success for students from every part of Alaska for 25 years. Together with our partners, we have improved access to and the quality of education while saving students and the state money. We want to make these educational opportunities available for every student in Alaska.

Your voice is very important. We appreciate having you join us as we work to make a difference for Alaska now and for generations to come.

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