Acceleration Academy (Summer)

Your path to the future!

Opportunity Details

Acceleration Academy (Summer) 2022 session is tentatively scheduled for early July to early August, 2022 (Exact dates TBD). Applications will be available January 2022.

Acceleration Academy (Summer)

The Acceleration Academy (Summer) is held over 5 weeks during the summer months for students from across Alaska. Acceleration Academy (Summer) students live on the UAA campus while taking one or two college courses, in math or science. Students can participate in multiple Acceleration Academy (Summer) sessions throughout their high school years.

All Acceleration Academy students benefit from:

  • Hands‐on STEM modules, team building exercises, social activities, field trips, and exposure to Alaska Native and other mentors;
  • Earning college credits;
  • College attendance cost savings; students who earn three years or more of college credits save $70K in college attendance costs;
  • Eliminate the need for university remediation;
  • Career exploration and professional networking;
  • Collaborative study sessions;
  • Scholarship opportunities.

ANSEP Acceleration Academy students enroll in college coursework the moment they begin high school and go from eighth grade to completing a bachelor’s degree in five years.


Current 8th – 11th grade students from across the state may apply. All students must place into MATH 105 – Intermediate Algebra or higher with the ALEKS mathematics placement test

How to Apply

PRIORITY APPLICATION DEADLINE: 2022 application is not yet available

STEP 1: Take the ALEKS Math Placement Test

You do NOT need to take the ALEKS Math Placement Test if you have:
a) Successfully completed MATH 105 – Intermediate Algebra with w C grade or higher through a University of Alaska campus (UAA, UAF, or UAS) or;
b) Scored a 30 or higher on the ALEKS Math Placement test in July 2020 or later

If you have completed any of the above, you may proceed to STEP 2.

Option 1 (RECOMMENDED) – Apply for admission to UAA and take the ALEKS test:

UA may require 3-5 business days to register student IDs which are required for the ALEKs placement test.

Prior to submitting your Acceleration Academy (Summer) application, please complete the ALEKS Math Placement test.

Option 2 (ALTERNATE Method) – McGraw Hill ALEKS Website

Note: Only use this method if you have technical difficulties with using the RECOMMENDED method above.

  1. Go to
  2. Select “SIGN UP NOW!”
  3. Enter class code: CUA3E-GJGKD and Select “Continue”
  4. Complete student registration and student survey
  5. Complete Placement Assessment (Time Limit: 72 hours)
    • Note: A student may re-take the assessment up to 5 times
  6. Print or save a copy of Placement Assessment and include with your application packet

STEP 2: Submit an application (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Option 1 – Submit an Online Application

  1. Have ALL the following documents ready for upload BEFORE you begin the online application process:
    • ALEKS math placement score (PDF document)
    • Official transcript (A link or PDF)
    • 500-word essay describing the following:
      • Why you are ready to be successful in college courses
      • How do you plan to contribute to the future of Alaska?
    • Recommendation Forms (Have your teacher(s) complete the form and send back to you for upload)
      • Math teacher Recommendation Form
      • Science teacher Recommendation Form
        • NOTE: If the student is submitting an online application form, then the teacher must be okay with the student seeing their recommendation form responses, as the student will need access to the completed PDF document to upload into the online application. Otherwise, if the teacher is NOT okay with the student having access to their responses on the recommendation form, the student should complete a printed application packet.
    • Signed ANSEP Studies Agreement Form
  2. Submit application by deadline

Option 2 – Printed Application Packet

Complete the full application packet for mail-in or delivery.

ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)
3211 Providence Dr, Acceleration Building
Anchorage, AK 99508

ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)
3800 University Lake Dr
Anchorage, AK 99508


Will this opportunity be held on campus?
This opportunity is scheduled to be hosted as an in-person session. For the most up-to-date information on UA’s response to COVID-19, visit this website.

Will there be housing on campus available for participating students?
This information is not yet known due to the University of Alaska’s response to COVID-19. It is possible that there may be a very limited number of dorm space available, but that is not yet confirmed. If there are limited dorm spaces available, then students who live in rural communities and have limited or no access to reliable internet and resources will be given first priority. Students who live on campus must remain living on campus for the full 5-week duration.

Will classes be held in-person or via distance delivery?
All UAA summer semester classes are currently scheduled to be delivered in-person.

I am a homeschool student. Who should complete my teacher recommendation forms?
Either your academic advisor or your parent/guardian may complete the forms. If your parent/guardian is to complete the form, it should be completed as unbiased as possible.

My math/science teacher has completed a sealed paper/PDF recommendation form and I would like to submit an online application. What should I do?
If your teacher(s) are okay with seeing their responses on the recommendation forms, you may unseal the form to be submitted online.

I do not have a laptop or tablet to attend the online class(es). Will ANSEP have laptops/tablets available for participating students?
ANSEP will have Chromebook laptops and tablets available for students to check-out for the duration of the 5-week session. Participating students will receive a pre-session survey to determine who will need to check-out technology devices.

My family does not have an adequate internet plan for me to attend a distance class 5 days per week for 5 weeks. Is there assistance available for internet plan upgrades?
ANSEP may provide financial assistance for families who qualify. A questionnaire regarding assistance will be included in a pre-session survey for participating students.

How much does it cost families to attend Acceleration Academy (Summer)?
All ANSEP opportunities are free of charge to students and their families. ANSEP covers all costs associated with attending Acceleration Academy, which includes tuition, fees, class materials, and housing, meals and transportation (if applicable).

What classes are available for this year’s session?
All participating students will enroll into a university math course. The math course placement will be dependent upon the student’s ALEKS math placement score or successful previous completion of a UAA math course. To see what ALEKS scores are required for the different math courses available, visit the UAA ALEKS Placement Exam Info site. A minimum score of 30 or higher is required to be eligible for the available math courses.

There may be the possibility for students to enroll in an additional, optional course (AKNS 201 – Alaska Native Perspectives or ENGR 151 – Introduction to Engineering).

Contact Info

General Acceleration Contact
Phone: (907) 786-0905

Michael Ulroan
ANSEP Senior Director – Acceleration Components
Phone: (907) 786-1148