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ANSEP’s Summer Bridge program gives high school graduates opportunities to intern

August 19, 2021

The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, or ANSEP, was created in 1995 as a scholarship program for Alaska Native students.

Now,  ANSEP is available for all Alaskan residents, supporting more than 2,000 students. ANSEP has opportunities for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, otherwise known as STEM, learning — beginning at kindergarten all the way to Ph.D level of education.

One of their newest opportunities is called Summer Bridge

In summer 2021, the Summer Bridge program awarded internships to 25 students — and ANSEP plans to provide more next summer.

Eric Rangel Jr. is a student in the Summer Bridge program. He has earned over 120 college credits since 2016

Eric Rangel Jr with his coding behind him. (Photo by ANSEP)

“It kind of helps you bridge the gap between college and high school,” Rangel said. “It gives you the needed experience for a job and professional experience that sometimes high school doesn’t have the opportunity to give you. And it also sets you up to create relationships, both professionally but also socially with your peers.”

To enroll in Summer Bridge, a candidate must; complete an Adaptive Learning in Knowledge Spaces testest, be a graduating high schooler, and submit a 500-word essay.

This story was written and published by Hannah Bissett at KNBA