Acceleration Academy

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Opportunity Details

Updates Regarding School Closures and COVID-19

Recitations and weekly Friday meetings will be held remotely using Zoom. Instructions for participating in Zoom recitations and weekly meetings will be sent to students via email and in the student Slack. Communication with students and families will continue through the Slack app and email newsletters.

There is no impact on 2021-22 student applicants. All interested students are encouraged to apply. ANSEP will respond to applicants in a timely manner. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Postmarked or Online Submission by March 19, 2021

Acceleration Academy

Acceleration Academy students can go from eighth grade to a Bachelor’s degree in six years!

The ANSEP Acceleration Academy:

  • supports students of all career interests;
  • eliminates remediation;
  • reduces the time to Bachelor’s degree for college students;
  • saves families college costs;
  • saves the State of Alaska millions of dollars in general fund support; and
  • increases the economic opportunities for students and their families.

For questions, contact us at the email or phone number below: or 907-786-0905.

Eligibility Requirements

Because all Acceleration Academy students are required to take a college math course, acceptance is determined by placement into one of the college math courses offered. Students who are taking college-level math classes for the first time must demonstrate their math level through standardized test scores. Math class placement is determined by the following chart:

Math CourseALEKS PPLANSEP Eligibility
MATH A054 – Pre-Algebra0-16Ineligible
MATH A055 – Elementary Algebra17-29Ineligible 
MATH A105 – Intermediate Algebra30-54Minimum Placement
MATH A151 – College Algebra for Calculus55-77Preferred
MATH A152 – Trigonometry65-77Preferred
MATH A251 – Calculus 178-100Preferred

For more information about ALEKS scores and math placement, please visit

Guide to the ALEKS Placement Test

Take the ALEKS Math Placement Test

IMPORTANT: If you have: a) Successfully completed MATH 105 – Intermediate Algebra with a C grade or higher through a University of Alaska campus (UAA, UAF, or UAS), or b) Scored a 30 or higher on the ALEKS test in July 2020 or later, you may skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2.

Apply for admission to UAA and take the ALEKS test:PLEASE REGISTER WITH THE UNIVERSITY AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO APPLICATION DEADLINEUA may require 3-5 business days to register student IDs which are required for the ALEKs placement test.

Prior to starting you Acceleration Academy application, please complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test by applying for admission to UAA and taking the ALEKS test.

Application Process


Please include all application documents together in one packet. Only complete applications will be considered. You may not receive notification of an incomplete application. Required documents are:

  • Application Forms
  • Student Records/Transcripts including Request for Records form signed by registrar
  • Two recommendation forms from teachers
  • 500-word essay explaining how you plan to contribute to the future of Alaska
  • Current ALEKS math test scores. [If you’ve previously taken a college math course, please indicate the course(s) and grade(s) received]


ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)
3211 Providence Dr, Acceleration Building
Anchorage, AK 99508



ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)
3800 University Lake Dr.      
Anchorage, AK 99508


How do I get an application for 2021 ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)?
The 2021 ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer) application is not yet available. We expect the application to be available by early December.


How can I submit the application?1. Mail to:ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)3211 Providence Dr, ANSEP 205Anchorage, AK 99508-46142. Deliver to the ANSEP Building located at:Acceleration Building3800 University Lake DrAnchorage, AK 99508

What happens if I submit the application past the deadline?

Late applications will not be considered for the ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer).

What happens if I submit the application documents separately?

Incomplete application packets will not be considered. To ensure an application is considered complete, please submit the application documents in one packet.

When will I be notified on whether or not I have been accepted?

Applicants will receive notification within a month of the application deadline.

At what grade can I start applying for the ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)?

Current 8th through 11th grade students may apply for the Acceleration Academy (Summer).

Can I still apply as a current senior in high school?

Current seniors should apply for the ANSEP Summer Bridge Component. Visit the ANSEP Summer Bridge website or detailed information at‐school/summer‐bridge.

What is the ALEKS test?

“The ALEKS is UAA’s computerized placement test to assess your skills in Mathematics.” For detailed information visit the UAA ALEKS site website at

Do I have to take the ALEKS test every year I submit an Acceleration Academy application?

The ALEKS test score is not required if you:

  • Have previously completed MATH 105 or higher through UAA, UAF, or UAS with a “C” grade or better;


  • Have completed the UAA Math ALEKS test with a score of 30 or higher in June 2019 or later.

How is my math class placement determined for ANSEP Acceleration Academy?

Your math class placement is determined by your Math ALEKS test scores. See the UAA ALEKS testing site to determine your placement at

What high school math class is typically needed to place into MATH A105?

Students typically place into MATH A105 after successfully completing Algebra I with a “C” or better.

What happens if my Math ALEKS score is too low to enroll in MATH A105?

A student whose scores are too low to enroll in MATH A105 cannot be accepted into the ANSEP Acceleration Academy.

How many university credits can I earn for each UAA math class?

  • ENGR 151 – Intro. to Engineering: 1 credit
  • MATH 105 – Intermediate Algebra: 3 credits
  • MATH 151 – College Algebra for Calculus: 4 credits
  • MATH 152 – Trigonometry: 3 credits
  • MATH 251 – Calculus I: 4 credits
  • MATH 252 – Calculus II: 4 credits
  • MATH 253 – Calculus III: 4 credits
Contact Info


Michael Ulroan
ANSEP Senior Director – Acceleration Components     
Phone: (907) 786-1148

Janelle Sharp
ANSEP Acceleration (Anchorage) Regional Director
Phone: (907) 786-1596

Corissa Berntsen
ANSEP Acceleration (Mat-Su) Regional Director
Phone: (907) 745-9788

Mary Sherbick
ANSEP Acceleration Advisor
Phone: (907) 786-0907

Mailing Address:
Attn: ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer)
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Dr, Acceleration Building
Anchorage, AK  99508