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ANSEP Student Michael Martinez’s Arctic Biotech Oath wins High North Young Entrepreneurs

April 23, 2021

A huge congratulations to ANSEP student Michael Martinez’s biotech startup company, Arctic Biotech Oath, for winning first place at the international High North Dialogue, High North Young Entrepreneur business competition! Arctic Biotech Oath provides green bio-mining extraction and recovery of rare earth elements in the circumpolar northern countries, in contrast to traditional methods that largely use acid chemicals or bioleaching with acidic thriving bacteria for extraction. This is new because this biotechnology may provide the means to extract rare earth elements at circumneutral pH 5-8, in the Arctic and hopefully, eventually on other planets.

Michael has been working on developing green biotechnology to extract Rare Earth Elements at circumneutral pH 5-8 since July 2018 and has since carried on this work with his mentor and advisor, Dr. Brandon Briggs, to create Arctic Biotech Oath – A Green Metals and Solutions Company, which is still in the development/research and development phases. 

The High North Young Entrepreneurs award is a prestigious international award for creating the company, having the startup analyzed by Arctic professionals from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, and finally placed to a majority vote by multiple countries at the conference of Arctic Business and Energy! 

Michael has been an ANSEP student for 10 years and has participated in Middle School Academy, STEM Career Explorations, Acceleration Academy, and he is currently an ANSEP University Success student! He is in his third year studying chemistry at UAA and is working on collaborating with more Arctic mines, the Department of Energy, and creating a 3D video simulation to show their 10 year goals for Arctic Biotech Oath. 

Michael has been an ANSEP student since 2011 and his tremendous success is a perfect example of how ANSEP students are reaching their goals and changing the world. Congratulations Michael!

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