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ANSEP’s Janelle Anausuk Sharp Studies Arctic Sinkholes

February 11, 2022

Janelle Anausuk Sharp, ANSEP Regional Director for the Anchorage Acceleration Academy, and a team of scientists researched a large lake in Alaska that is bubbling with methane!

PBS’s Nova television science series “Arctic Sinkholes” followed them this summer as they worked to understand where these bubbles are coming from and how much gas is being released. 

As the Arctic warms, methane that has been locked in permafrost for thousands of years escapes and can explode. Released methane that finds its way to the surface contributes to the greenhouse effect of climate change and these scientists find evidence that the Arctic landscape is basically a fossil methane reserve.

To see Janelle in the field, fast forward to 9:22. 
To learn all about arctic sinkholes and see Janelle’s research and how it relates to the Siberian craters, watch the full video below!