Brock Grant

    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    Palmer, Alaska

    Not many 13-year-olds are working on their college degrees, but Palmer student Brock Grant’s college education is already underway. Many students have limits to the classes they can take in a traditional education system, but these barriers no longer exist for Brock, who entered the ANSEP pipeline two years ago when he participated in a Middle School Academy and stayed on campus at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


    “I got a little homesick during my first Middle School Academy, but it was awesome being on my own and having a dorm room with roommates,” Brock said. “We did a bunch of crazy activities that were highly enjoyable, like building a computer that I still use to this day.”

    After Middle School Academy, Brock continued along the ANSEP pipeline last summer and completed a STEM Career Explorations session that focused on health sciences. Although he has a strong interest in a biology career, the five-day component opened his eyes to the many opportunities available in the science field.

    “I learned a lot about health sciences from doctors and medical engineers. It was so cool to see all the new technology they use to help people,” Brock said. “We focused on static brain injuries, which I didn’t know anything about beforehand. It was great to see the different career options that are available to me.”

    According to Brock, one of the most valuable skills you can learn at ANSEP is the concept of teamwork.

    “You get to know one another very quickly when you’re put into team situations. I know now that being able to work as a team is an important skill to have,” Brock said. “It’s important to share your ideas as a group and to take other ideas into consideration, too.”

    Brock is currently attending ANSEP’s new Acceleration Academy High School Program at Valley Pathways in Palmer and says he is excited to participate in other components in the future.