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Full speed ahead with full-time ANSEP components

October 23, 2018

What does a 15-year-old Acceleration Academy student have in common with Dr. Michelle Yatchmeneff, a Sloan scholar and faculty mentor, National Science Foundation grant recipient and University of Alaska Anchorage’s first female Alaska Native professor? They both took steps towards a STEM career with the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program – and you can too!

Sure, it is still fall, but it’s never too early to start planning for your future. ANSEP is currently accepting applications for our 2019 spring and fall semesters at Acceleration Academy (UAA) and Acceleration Academy (Mat-Su) so you can apply for the full-time, no-cost component today.

Students attending ANSEP Acceleration Academies have the opportunity to earn two years or more of college credit before graduating high school, but that’s not all they will gain from ANSEP’s innovative component. The collaborative, hands-on learning experience teaches students how to work together in teams and exposes them to real-world applications for STEM education. By taking and succeeding in advanced academic courses, the students realize their full academic potential and simultaneously build confidence and a thirst for knowledge.

Although Acceleration Academy is challenging, the ANSEP community enables students to succeed by providing support and encouragement.

“We believe students are most successful when they feel challenged and encouraged. We build a community that becomes a family by engaging in weekly meetings, hosting social activities, and providing collaborative study sessions. By working together, pushing themselves to solve difficult problems or equations and developing solutions, our Acceleration Academy students feel empowered and excited,” said ANSEP Acceleration Academy (UAA) Regional Director Mikayla Savikko.

When Acceleration Academy (UAA and Mat-Su) students aren’t busy studying college-level Calculus or engaging in hands-on lab work, you can find them spending time with their ANSEP peers. Social events like pumpkin carving, costume and pie eating contests with ANSEP University Success students build camaraderie and excite students about the college lifestyle.

Current and incoming high school students can jumpstart their STEM careers by applying for Acceleration Academy (UAA) or Acceleration Academy (Mat-Su) today.