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How ANSEP helps students save money

December 21, 2018

The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program is dedicated to creating opportunities for students from across Alaska, despite the academic, social or financial barriers they face. Many people understand how ANSEP’s components ignite an early interest in college education, but they often don’t realize that ANSEP is helping students and their families save money, too.

Students enrolled in ANSEP’s full-time Acceleration Academy (Anchorage & Mat-Su) components have the opportunity to begin earning college credits as early as their freshman year of high school, at no cost to the student. Students who attend the full-time components for four years can graduate high school with two years or more of college already complete. This fast-track education model also gives students the unique opportunity to graduate early from high school and enroll directly in college. However, many students choose to continue their education at Acceleration Academy to take advantage of the hands-on learning, build relationships with college professors and earn additional credits.

“I will potentially graduate with more than 60 college credits, which is great. But, I am really enjoying my time at Acceleration Academy (Mat-Su). I plan to make the most of my time here, and once I begin college I will have even more credits under my belt!” said Acceleration Academy (Mat-Su) student Brock Grant in his Student Success blog.

One of the biggest perks of Acceleration Academy is the ability to save money by earning college credits before high school graduation. By exposing students to higher education at an early age, ANSEP also inspires students to start planning for college academically and financially.

“ANSEP has definitely made me feel more prepared. When I start college, I will have almost two-years worth of credits already complete. Plus, spending time on the UAA campus, surrounded by college students makes me feel more comfortable, like I already belong there,” said Kyah Mingo, a junior at Acceleration Academy (Anchorage).

After high school graduation, ANSEP students can earn money and gain real-life professional career experience by working paid internships through ANSEP’s Summer Bridge and University and Graduate Success components. Learn about opportunities to apply for scholarships, earn free college credits, work paid internships and more at