Welcome to the ANSEP family!

Mahogany Harrison

April 19, 2017

Palmer, Alaska

As a 7th grader from Palmer, Mahogany was apprehensive about applying to Middle School Academy.

“I didn’t want to do it, I’m pretty shy,” Mahogany said. The two-week, residential science and engineering component can seem a bit daunting to some students, especially in middle school. After a bit of encouragement from her family, Mahogany applied and was on her way to Middle School Academy.

Mahogany says she loves the hands-on learning experience from the ANSEP program, and is aspiring to be an engineer in the future – much like her older brother. Mahogany says she looks up to her older brother, and he is the source of her inspiration.

“He’s the coolest person in the world,” Mahogany said about her sibling, who is attending Stanford to become an engineer as well. “I want to become an engineer because there are not a lot of girls in that industry,” she said.

With the help of ANSEP and the support of her family, Mahogany’s ambitions are headed in the right direction. With plans to attend ANSEP’s Acceleration Academy in the coming years, Mahogany is well on her way to becoming successful at any future endeavor she puts her mind to!