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Micah Nashold

November 16, 2016

Palmer, Alaska

Micah Nashold is a ninth-grade ANSEP student from Palmer, Alaska, who already has his sights set on higher education. He aspires to be a mechanical or explosives engineer and is focused on earning as many college credits as possible before graduating high school. Thankfully, his dreams are all within reach with the support of ANSEP.

“I really like building things,” Micah said as he recalled the class activity that first piqued his interest in engineering. “We made hydrogen generators, then we filled balloons with hydrogen and oxygen. The combination made the balloons explode – it was a ton of fun!”

Micah participated in his first ANSEP component two years ago as a Middle School Academy student. It was also his first experience away from home and one that quickly helped him discover his passion for designing and building structures.

“I enjoyed every aspect of it,” Micah said. “I especially liked building the computer because it’s something I still use today for research and school work.”

Micah plans on applying for Acceleration Academy next summer and hopes to be earning college credit by his junior year of high school. He is currently attending ANSEP’s new Acceleration High School at Valley Pathways in Palmer, where he plans to obtain an associate degree before entering college.