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Trevor Kamkoff

February 1, 2017

Anchorage, Alaska

Trevor Kamkoff is a 13-year-old student at Clark Middle School who was astounded and grateful to be selected as one of 53 students chosen to participate in ANSEP’s first Middle School Academy of 2017. Despite being his first ANSEP component, Trevor says he loves every aspect of the academy, especially the opportunity to make new friends.

“So far, my favorite part is being in such a friendly environment – everyone is so easy to get along with, and it’s cool having everyone who shares the same interests in one place, experiencing new things together,” he said.

For Trevor, Middle School Academy comes with several other first-time experiences, too, such as living on a college campus, building a computer, designing and constructing a bridge as well as thinking about a future career.

“I’ve never had a dream career in mind, but ANSEP got me thinking about what it might be,” Trevor said. “I like drawing, building and architecture. I’m really enjoying the bridge simulator software because it shows the stress levels an object has as it moves across a bridge – it’s really cool!”

Another first for Trevor was the opportunity to meet Dr. Sylvia Earle who gave a special presentation to ANSEP students and staff at the 2017 Celebration at the end of January.

“She really did inspire me,” Trevor said. “One thing she said that stuck with me was ‘you don’t have to be in the crowd doing the same thing, you can go out and do your own thing’ – that’s what I took away from her presentation, and it still gives me chills.”

Trevor is enjoying his ANSEP experience so much that he plans to apply for Acceleration Academy once he is in high school. “I can’t wait until high school and college now,” he said. “I just love school and learning new things.”