Welcome to the ANSEP family!

Andrea Moreno

May 31, 2017

Anchorage, Alaska


Andrea Moreno, a recent graduate from University of Alaska Anchorage, proudly holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and can’t wait to give back to a community that has provided her with endless support.


“One of the greatest things I got from ANSEP was an extended family. It was a huge support system and someone was always there to answer my questions or just to talk to. If you ever had questions about getting from point A to point B, such as the path from high school to college for example, ANSEP was there to keep me on track and motivated,” said Andrea.


Andrea was first introduced to ANSEP in 2009, through her algebra teacher. She completed one of ANSEP’s introductory components, the computer build, which is an integral part ANSEP’s linear model. After successfully completing the build, Andrea was hooked. She continued through the ANSEP pipeline, participating in Acceleration Academy, Summer Bridge and eventually University Success throughout her college career.


Her advice for ANSEP students who are still figuring out what they want to do professionally? “Make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing. Keep your life balanced and find something you are passionate about!”


Andrea is optimistic about her future as an engineer and is currently completing an internship with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, a connection she made early in her academic career with the help of ANSEP.


“ANSEP pointed me toward a STEM career, and since then it has opened so many doors. Once you get a degree in STEM, it’s well worth the wait,” said Andrea.