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Natalie Yankovic

June 14, 2017

Palmer, Alaska


Natalie Yankovic’s experience with ANSEP taught her not to be afraid of the unknown. When her assistant principal at Palmer Junior Middle School encouraged her to apply for ANSEP’s Middle School Academy, Natalie was nervous about the change.

“I was scared and thought ANSEP wasn’t meant for me, but now it’s taught me to take every opportunity that’s presented to me,” reflects Natalie.

Natalie, who will enter 10th grade this fall, embraces the chance to grow in her academic career. After participating in ANSEP Middle School Academy, she enrolled in STEM Careers Exploration and is now attending ANSEP’s full-time Acceleration High School.

“When I got accepted into the STEM Career Exploration component, I was probably the happiest person in the world that day,” said Natalie. In fact, Natalie is using skills she learned in her STEM Career Exploration experience to fix up her own personal drone over the summer.

When asked what the greatest obstacle was that she’s had to overcome in her education career, Natalie didn’t skip a beat – she jumped right into the story of a recent math debacle. “This past semester I had to go back and re-take a math class for Acceleration High School. I was determined to succeed! The whole semester I worked until my brain almost exploded,” Natalie exclaimed. With that hard work, Natalie passed the course.

Natalie is excited about her future and looks forward to attending University of Alaska Anchorage in a couple of years. Her experience with ANSEP has equipped her with the passion and inspiration to continue learning and growing.

“Before I went to ANSEP, I never had thought of going to college. Now, I want to expand my range of knowledge and continue going to school,” said Natalie.