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ANSEP Answers: Ep. 01 with Augustine Hamner

March 11, 2019

ANSEP Answers is a behind-the-scenes look into the ANSEP community and the incredibly intelligent, capable, fun and diverse group of people who are part of it. 

Ep. 01 with Augustine Hamner

Augustine Hamner first became involved with the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program in the summer of 2015. As an Acceleration Academy (Summer) student, she saw first-hand how exciting engineering could be. From building unmanned aerial vehicles and biomaterials to conducting earthquake engineering tests and carbon fiber training sessions, she was hooked. She returned the following summer to Acceleration Academy to be reunited with her ANSEP friends and earn more college credits.

Spending time on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus helped Augustine envision college as part of her future. She was eager to stay involved with ANSEP after high school graduation and did so by participating in the Summer Bridge component. Designed to help students transition to college, Summer Bridge allows students like Augustine to adjust to life on campus while earning free college credits and gaining invaluable career experience through paid internships with one of ANSEP’s highly respected strategic partners like BP.

As a Summer Bridge student, Augustine worked a paid STEM internship for BP and earned credits towards her engineering degree. The relationships Augustine built with fellow students and college professors through ANSEP Acceleration Academy (Summer) and Summer Bridge made her feel right at home when she became a full-time student at UAA, where she is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree. Another important part of Augustine’s ANSEP experience? Through all the Moose’s Tooth pizza served at ANSEP’s Friday student meetings, she has discovered her favorite is Chipotle Steak.