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ANSEP Answers: Ep. 02: Jasmine Woods

April 3, 2019


ANSEP Answers is a behind-the-scenes look into the ANSEP community and the incredibly intelligent, capable, fun and diverse group of people who are part of it.

Ep. 02: Jasmine Woods

In 2015 Jasmine Woods decided to spend her summer focused on her future and joined the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program’s Acceleration Academy (Summer). She remembers when she was building earthquake safe structures and first realized she may want to pursue an engineering career. Living in the dorms on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus and earning college credits for free, Jasmine had the inspiration and tools she needed to pursue a STEM career.

After high school graduation, Jasmine attended ANSEP Summer Bridge and gained real-world career experience working alongside BP engineers. In addition to her paid internship, as a Summer Bridge student, she earned more college credits and built relationships with fellow engineering students and professors at UAA.

With the support of ANSEP, Jasmine was able to see college as an attainable next step toward her dream career. Although she’s fiercely dedicated to her academics, when she’s not in the classroom she shows off her sense of humor at campus comedy shows with her ANSEP friends.