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Christine Rice

July 12, 2017

Palmer, Alaska

Christine Rice had reservations about attending ANSEP’s Middle School Academy, but encouragement from her parents and middle school principal prompted Christine to overcome this fear and become an ANSEP student when she was in the sixth grade.

“I was hesitant at first because I would have to be away from my family, but it turned out great,” she said.

Fast-forward to today – Christine just completed the 11th grade, makes good grades and is on track to attend college. Shortly after ANSEP Middle School Academy, Christine participated in two different STEM Career Exploration components and saw just how much of a difference ANSEP made in her education. She jumped at the chance to apply for ANSEP Acceleration High School in Palmer, where she could be an ANSEP student full time rather than just during the summer.

Acceleration High School is my favorite ANSEP component, because you get to do ANSEP everyday,” Christine said.

Not only is Christine making good grades in her high-school courses but, with the help of Acceleration High School, Christine already has six college credits under her belt.

“My grandpa was a state trooper then a detective for the Palmer Police Department. This inspired me to learn more about the science side of law enforcement,” said Christine.

Christine knows what she wants and how to get there. After her senior year at ANSEP Acceleration High School, Christine plans to attend University of Alaska Anchorage to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology or chemistry. Her dreams don’t stop there, though. She then plans to go on and earn a master’s degree in forensics.

“Christine has shown her commitment and capability since she started with ANSEP more than five years ago, and we know she can go on to accomplish anything she sets her mind to,” said ANSEP Regional Director Michael Ulroan.