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Tyler Terwilligner

June 28, 2017

Palmer, Alaska

Tyler Terwilligner really likes math. In fact, he loves it. A lot.

“At my old school, I went through seventh and eighth grade math in one quarter. I was bored before ANSEP,” said Tyler. He attended ANSEP’s STEM Career Exploration component during middle school, and his mom encouraged him to attend Acceleration High School in 2016 to continue honing his skills and putting his passion for math to good use.

“My favorite part about Acceleration High School is my peers. We’re all working towards the same goals,” said Tyler.

As a student at ANSEP Acceleration High School, Tyler is earning college credit. He is headed into ninth grade next year and already has 11 credits towards his college degree.

“I’m not sure exactly what degree I want yet, but I know some sort of engineering or computer science will be involved,” said Tyler, who feels that he is currently surpassing his initial education goals. “I’m taking trigonometry next year, but I’m really looking forward to calculus.”

When asked what keeps him working so hard, Tyler said that his mission to succeed paired with the excitement of starting college full time.

“I think I’d like to go to UAA and continue with the ANSEP program,” he said.